Friday, December 5, 2008

December 1933, Repeal And The Launch of Legendre Absinthe

December 5th 1933, Prohibition is repealed and J.M. Legendre launches "Legendre Absinthe" in New Orleans.

J. Marion Legendre was one of the first people in the southern United States to receive a Federal Rectifiers permit from the F.A.C.A. following repeal.
Legendre & Co. held Rectifiers Permit number R-48, which is still in use today by The Sazerac Co. in making Herbsaint in the modern era.

Marion Legendre was able to bring Legendre Absinthe to market much quicker than other distilled spirits that required years of aging, giving Legendre & Co. the advantage of having a delicious drink on the market ahead of his competition, that did not need years of barrel aging.

Pictured below is a rare news paper advertisement from December 1933 for the new Legendre Absinthe.

A very rare Legendre Absinthe bottle.

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