Sunday, August 7, 2016

Legendre's Drugstore

The Legendre Building at 122-126 Barrone, in New Orleans, which still stands today was the location of Legendre's Drug Store, as well as the headquarters of Legendre & Co. during the early years of Legendre Herbsaint production.

A few Legendre's Drugstore Items, which include an interior shot of Legendre's Drugstore, from an early 1900s advertisement.

A small selection of Legendre's Drugstore bottles in our Collection. 

Legendre & Co. pharmaceutical label for medicinal Wormwood.
The French term for Wormwood would later become a famous Trade Name for Legendre Herbsaint. 

During Prohibition, Legendre's Drugstore would have one of the largest federal permits to dispense prescription alcohol. 

Below, an example of some surviving prescription documents from Prohibition Era Legendre's Drugstore that reside in our collection.

The front of Legendre's Drugstore / Legendre Bldg. in the late 1950s

The window of Legendre's Drugstore around 1948 or 1949, 
Look at what is in the window.