Friday, July 25, 2008

Herbsaint Drip Glass

In the mid 1950s The Sazerac Co. released a set of absinthe style drip glasses as a promotional item for Herbsaint. These very attractive and functional absinthe glasses with their unique Brouille, or dripper, that could hold ice and water, produce a perfectly louched glass of Herbsaint.
The glass Brouilles were popular in southern United States, back in the pre-ban era of absinthe, and were described in a number of vintage cocktail texts regarding the serving of absinthe.
The Brouilles were especially popular in places like New Orleans where the hot climate made serving iced drinks part of the norm.
Originally offered at $1.50 via mail order, the Herbsaint drip glasses were advertised for several years on the rear label of Herbsaint bottles, they offered an attractive and traditional way to serve a glass of Herbsaint in the traditional absinthe drip style.
The drip glasses were available from the mid 1950s through the late 1960s from the Sazerac Co.
Special thanks to Stanley Schwam retired Senior VP. of The Sazerac Co., and Kevin Richards, Brand manager for Herbsaint, for this beautiful Herbsaint glass.