Sunday, May 17, 2009

Herbsaint Old Absinthe Bar Souvenir Mini

The Old Absinthe Bar* in New Orleans quite naturally offered Legendre Herbsaint as a signature drink, being the absinthe substitute of New Orleans. The Old Absinthe Bar offered a souvenir booklet which reads as a promotional piece for Legendre Herbsaint, and to go along with this promotional booklet, a patron of the Old Absinthe Bar could purchase a souvenir Herbsaint mini to remember their visit. Pictured are an original souvenir Herbsaint mini bottle, and a few other Old Absinthe Bar items from my collection. When time permits, a more detailed photo layout & inventory will be added.

*Not to Be confused with the Old Absinthe House, The Old Absinthe Bar for many years had the original Bar, and Absinthe Fountains, from the Old Absinthe House after the prohibition era raid that shuttered The Old Absinthe House.