Saturday, January 17, 2015

Taking Time To Rebuild A Very Old Friend

Taking a break for a while, so we can spend some long needed time to rebuild and restore a very old friend we have owned for many, many, years. (We need a fast car to haul more Herbsaint finds)

In the meantime, enjoy this vintage Legendre Herbsaint ad, and we will be back when we have finished rebuilding my old Mach-1.

So Long For Now...

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The New Orleans Absinthe Manufacturers Association

Following the repeal of prohibition, three New Orleans distillers, L.E Jung & Wulff, Yochim Brothers, and the newest addition Legendre & Company, would each release their own absinthe type spirits.

To shorten a very complicated story, that we will return to in the future, these three distillers would form an association to promote their unique spirits, and dispel the myths surrounding absinthe.

Stay tuned, in the near future we will discuss some interesting findings on this part of New Orleans Absinthe History...

Saturday, February 8, 2014

80 Years of Legendre Herbsaint

March 1st 1934, Legendre Absinthe is renamed Legendre Herbsaint.

March 1st, 2014, Herbsaint celebrates 80 years of being The Spirit of New Orleans.

Happy Birthday Herbsaint!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Early 1934 Herbsaint Items

A little grouping of 1934 Legendre Herbsaint items, including the earliest known '34 Herbsaint pint bottle, a '34 Herbsaint Mini, a 1934 Legendre Herbsaint Booklet,25 Ways of Enjoying Herbsaint and an unused 1934 Herbsaint label date stamped June '34, by the Indiana Liquor Control Board.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Rare Gem found: 1915 L. E. Jung Greenopal

One of the many chapters in the shared history of New Orleans, and Absinthe was an old New Orleans distiller L. E. Jung. (Later to be known as L. E. Jung & Wulff)

L. E Jung distilled absinthe, among their many types of  bitters, liquers, and liquors during their roughly sixty year history. From the surviving information, it appears that L.E. Jung produced a copy of C.F. Berger's absinthe , both as a verte, and a blanche.

1911 L.E. Jung catalog page with their pre-ban absinthe.

When the USA banned absinthe in 1912, L.E Jung would reformulate their Absinthe in 1913 and produce what may well have been the first American Absinthe substitute, called GREENOPAL.

1913 New Orleans Bee French language advt. for their absinthe substitute. 

A surviving L.E. Jung Greenopal Absinthe Substitute from 1915, now residing in our collection.

Greenopal would later resurface after repeal under the house brand of Solari's market in New Orleans.

We will pick up the story of the many changing names of L.E. Jung, and L.E Jung & Wulff's absinthe substitutes, as Jung & Wulff would try to find a niche in the post pro-prohibition market.

Stay tuned for more photos to come...