Friday, February 29, 2008

1930s Legendre & Co. Bottles

A Selection of 1930s Legendre & Co. Bottles
Top images: A 1934 Legendre Herbsaint bottle, with the label in two parts, showing the new name, Legendre Herbsaint. This bottle dates from the early production of the newly revised label.
Also shown is the original Legendre & Co. stamped cork, rescued from the inside of the bottle.

Below: From left to right, an example of a rare pint bottle Herbsaint, an intact 1934 Herbsaint mini bottle, a full sized Herbsaint bottle with an early two piece label, Legendre New Orleans Bitters, and a December 1933 Legendre Old Absinthe House Cocktail bottle.
At the center is an unused Herbsaint label, date stamped July 13, 1934 on reverse
A Selection of 1930s Legendre & Co. items

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